Reliable & Flexible

Introducing XERA POS


XERA POS is a hospitality point of sale software solution like no other. Not only does the software embody the latest user interface look and feel with intuitive screen workflow, it also incorporates amazing flexibility.


XERA POS represents a completely new approach to hospitality point of sale by incorporating the latest technologies, extremely intuitive user interface designs, and unbelievable flexibility into a single package without compromise.

For all Restaurant & Bars

XERA POS is designed specifically for all fine dining, table service, and quick service operations. It is extremely flexible in accommodating the most complex order entry challenges with the fewest possible steps


XERA POS is loaded with features and capabilities. Fine dining manual coursing, automatic coursing, item sharing, smart clickable check, custom floor design and layout, item count down, unlimited menus, items, prices, just to name a few.

XERA POS Screenshots


Login Screen

Easy Login

Easy Login Screen you ready to take you where you need to be, it all depends on your access code. You can either login with your code, Or Bio-metric Finger Print Reader or with a manager’s/ employee’s Card.


Ordering Screen

Order what you need fast and easy

With Xera POS you can order fast and easy with minimum click’s. Fast ordering for faster turn around time, makes your staff to focus on what is most important to your business.


Payments Settlement Screen

Settle your Checks with a click of a button

Easy check settling for fast order turn around, multiple tenders are available and fully customizable to how you want it to be. if you need to run a credit card NO PROBLEM! Just swipe and is as simple as it gets.


XERA Back Office Logn Screen

Back Office Secure and powerful

Easy Secure Back Office Access and NOT for Everyone. Easily generate reports, adjust Menu, Manage employees,, food cost and a lot more!


Menu Designer

Design your menu exactly how you want

With Menu Designer you can design the Menu exactly how you want to be. the features are amazingly a lot and the capabilities endless.



Easy Detailed Reporting

With XERA POS Reporting tool you can have a 360 degree view of you business. And not only sales! You can get performance reports for you staff, Attendance reports, Sales per item or category and much more.

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