Aldelo Touch

Achieve mobility with Aldelo Touch, is fully integrated with XERA Cloud, XERA KDS System and XERA POS. Works exclusively with iPad’s and one more thing you can use Aldelo Touch independently with XERA . Aldelo Touch can work as a full POS System by itself, all XERA POS features are included.

Achive Mobility with XERA POS

Aldelo Touch POS is slick looking, easy to use and powerful.

Integration with all

Aldelo Touch integrates with XERA POS, Kitchen Display Systems, Printers, Aldelo Cloud, XERA Enterprise Cloud, Gift Card’s, EMV, Apple Pay, Pay at the Table, Android Pay and much more.

Works interdependently

You don’t have to use XERA POS to work with Aldelo Touch, Aldelo Touch can work independent.


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XERA POS & Aldelo Touch Features

Workforce Management

Set Minimum, Optimal and Maximum hours per shift, Overtime and Holiday pay rates
Show breaks and lunches taken on payroll report.
Clock in/out grace periods,Force Clock in to POS
Enable reminders for breaks and lunches
Auto Clock out employees at end of shift and add minutes to allow for paperwork duties,Auto clock out all employees at the end of the day.
Break reminders on POS Employees
Allow early/late clock in to assume schedule time,early clock in with delayed approval
Force breaks after “?” hours worked,Breaks can be paid or unpaid

Delivery Management System

Caller ID -Taking Calls and looking up customer
Customer Profile- Complete Customer information with their entire order history
Order Tracking- Previous Orders as easily duplicated, modified or new orders taken.
Order Dispatch- Either use a dedicated dispatcher or allow drivers to self-dispatch
Active Mapping- Use Mobile mapping software to guide drivers from one delivery to the next.Also notify the customer that their order is En Route.


With XERa POS and Aldelo Touch there are no limits on:
Number of items, modifiers modifier groups, modifier templates, modifier actions, number of terminals and devices, number of terminal routing, number of addresses, postal codes, matrix es, departments, categories, subcategories, employees, job titles, pay rates, tip pools, security roles, discounts, surcharges, void reasons, budgets, schedules, and more!

Advanced Printer Routing

Routing by Day of the Week
“Follow me” Printing
Kitchen Display System and Printers Used Simultaneously
Advance Hold Options
Load Balancing

Advanced Hold and Fire

Manual Hold and Fire
Timed Hold and Fire
Automatic Early release Based on Prep Times

Tip Pools

XERA POS has a TIP POOL module built into the software the will help to manage the tip pools for the restaurant or bar. Multiple tip pools can be established and various amounts tracked.

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XERA Back Office Cloud for XERA POS and Aldelo Touch

Cloud based technology is new for a lot of restaurant owners and may seem a bit mysterious in nature. However, the business owner who applies this technology will soon come to love the many benefits available to them.

Replaces Store Level Back Office Software with Cloud Hosted Solution

Reduces the upfront investment for the restaurant owner, gives greater flexibility in controlling and monitoring restaurant operations and provides greater database redundancy with multiple servers backing up the restaurant data.

Point of Sale Database on Local PC and Synced With Cloud

Having the Cloud updated gives the restaurant owner the most accurate data and reporting possible at the click of a button or touch of a finger.

Cloud Data Hosted in Multiple Data Centers Across the Country OR Private!

Secure data hosting is critical when it comes to Cloud operations. Going with an industry leader in data hosting provides solid assurances of uptime and data security.For operations that wish to have private hosting we do offer servers that are not shared with anyone else.

Seamless Connections to POS Terminals and iPads

The restaurant owner does not have to do anything to transfer data to the Cloud. No uploads or downloads need to be performed. All data is constantly kept current throughout the day.

Instant Access to Store Operations

No longer is the restaurant owner required to be in the store and on the back office PC in order to change a price, add an item or run a report. This is total freedom for the restaurant owner and instant operational knowledge.

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Cloud based technology is new for a lot of restaurant owners and may seem a bit mysterious in nature. However, the business owner who applies this technology will soon come to love the many benefits available to them.

Accessible through any web browser

XERA Enterprise Cloud (XEC) is the resource for all of your Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for all of your store and corporate locations.

Multi Location Reporting

XEC can manage multiple concepts each with different levels of access. For example, Corporate (or Franchise Owners) can have access to all store data and pull specific information for store to store comparisons, region to region, franchise to franchise and other aggregates. Each franchisee can have access to each of their own store data and segment with the same aggregates.

Data Anaytics

Approximately 40+ pre-designed reports are included with the XEC. Data can be exported to Excel, PDF, CSV, etc., or Aldelo can design reports to address specific requirements per request. By synchronizing data to the cloud on frequent intervals, real-time accurate data is provided to the corporate and franchisor levels, providing peace of mind when it comes to unauthorized data manipulations. Enterprise also supports integration with QuickBooks and Royalty Billing.

Synchronization and Data Warehousing

The POS data is sent to the Cloud Storage and Data Warehousing through our Sync services utility, which is at the POS level. This utility, which is a windows service, is installed and runs continuously unattended to push data to the XEC. The synchronization process can be scheduled for any time interval, as often as every 5 minutes or as infrequent as desired. Actual sync duration and time may vary.

Data Hosting and Security

Data is hosted at a secure Tier 1 data provider that is located outside of California. Access to physical machines and cloud storage is secure and accessible by the hosting firm IT department only.

Remote Store Setup

Remotely setup operational data via the cloud. Easily handle new employee entry, menu changes, price changes, modifier maintenance, floor plan adjustments and much more from anywhere.

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XERA POS & Aldelo Touch Technology

XERA POS and Aldelo Touch has been built in advanced technology platform that assures unlimited expansion and growth. You can rely on this technology to grow as your business grows. XERA POS has been built that way that assures unlimited growth and to be ready to compete with technologies that the future will bring to the market.

XERA POS Uses SQL Server 2008 R2

A technical term that means that the foundation of the database engine running the restaurant is the most powerful available today. The speed and expand ability of this database is unsurpassed. What this means to the restaurant owner is that their XERA POS system will continue to grow with their business, operate smoothly and be fast.

OPOS Drivers

Windows, in cooperation with Point of Sale vendors created OPOS drivers to help developers control peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, scales and pole displays. POS software through these drivers can capture the device and better take advantage of the software options within the device. For instance, OPOS drivers in printers can notify the POS software what the problem is that is stopping printing. Such as paper out, lid open, etc

.NET Platform

Developed by Microsoft, this technology allows developers to utilize tools to create easily expandable solutions for generations to come. This platform provides a set of interfaces to the most common devices used by point of sale developers such as printers, scales and scanners. For the restaurant owner this means quicker to market technology, the most modern features and more reliable software solutions.

XERA POS Written in C# (C Sharp)

One of the fastest coding languages available to development teams today. Fast, in that XERA software will outrun others written in lesser languages. For the restaurant owner, not only does this have an effect in a single terminal operation it also allows installations with huge number of terminals to run extremely fast.

Windows OS

XERA POS uses the most popular POS operating system in the world. This along with the tools developed by Microsoft gives us a stable platform to build upon to make XERA POS a reliable, stable and feature packed software application. Very few POS software platforms can claim that they use all of the tools from Microsoft to the extent that Aldelo does.

Optional Cloud Back Office Software

In addition to the traditional method of storing data, reporting and database maintenance XERA POS has the option to move these functions to the Cloud. This gives the restaurant owner tremendous flexibility to manage their operation remotely and to have multiple people using the back office software simultaneously. A manager at the store could be using the system (with their own security level access) and the owner could be logged in remotely (with full security level access) doing reporting menu maintenance.

Integration with Compeat - Restaurant Management & Accounting System

You need more in depth analytics ofcourse XERA POS can DO … Financial, sales mix, labor and time punch information from your POS will automatically update Compeat. In many cases, a labor schedule from Compeat software can update your Point of Sale system. Multi Locations Environment is supported

Daily Sales Reporting

Track, report, and reconcile cash and sales from your POS and then post to accounting.

Inventory Control

Order, receive, transfer, and count. Determine inventory usage, cost of goods sold.

Food Cost Analysis

Cost recipes, plan prep, track item sales. Determine theoreticals, variances.

Time & Attendance

Track jobs, rates, punches and tips. Manage labor laws, calculate payroll-ready wages.


Labor Scheduling

Project requirements, build schedules, adhere to labor laws and determine ideal labor.

MyWorkforce Portal

View schedules, hours worked, and make schedule change requests


Build forms, track, assess, and hire. Perform background checks and E-Verify.

Restaurant Accounting*

Manage payables, receivables, and general ledger. Produce P&L’s and balance sheets

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