• XERA POS Flexible Pricing

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XERA POS Software is offered in both subscription based model and Traditional pricing model the main difference is that the subscription based model includes also 24/7 support and updates when with the traditional model the support is free for 30 days and after that is being charged separately if you wish to continue with support.

SaaS or FREE/ as of 2/1/2018
  • Started on 2/1/2018 XERA POS licenses cannot be purchased outright only FREE license is available with the prerequisite of using Aldelo Pay as credit card processing or you can pay monthly for the license for $99 / month
  • Includes XERA POS & Unlimited Software Updates Office with 24/7 Support for life, no commitment.

Aldelo EDC

Aldelo EDC Software is offered in both subscription based model and Traditional pricing model. The main benefit of the subscription model is that If you wish to change your processor you don’t need to buy another license you just swap the processor and you are ready to go. Also comes with support and you eligible to receive all updates as technology advances.

Aldelo EDC SaaS
  • comes with 24/7 support and unlimited updates, no commitment is necessary and easily can swap to any payment processor of your choice

POS System Complete Solution Hardware & Software

A POS System requires Software, Installations Services & Hardware, we can help by freeing your initial capital to invest in other areas in the business by financing or leasing or even more offer cash advances to help you with your cash-flow or to allocate capital towards other no POS related business needs. We can do all of that.

Buy Out
  • You can Purchase the full POS system up front, flexible pricing is available it all depends the hardware and the complexity of the configuration, we are offering a free consultation to help how you can best utilize the system and customize it for your business.
Financing / Leasing
  • Is flexible, you can pay an initial fee and lower your monthly payments, we can finance/lease for 12 ,24, 36, 48 , 60 months.
  • FREE Consultation is available upon request.
POSaaS / POS as a Service
  • POS as a Service is something similar like leasing a car, it includes 24/7 support and unlimited updates plus all warranties are included.
  • FREE Consultation is available upon request.
CASH Advance
  • You can get a cash advance equal to how much you are processing credit cards per month, a predefined payment amount is being deducted directly from your credit card processing earnings, when you need more after you pay your initial balance you can just ask and we will allocate you more money to continue running your business. is that easy