• 24/7 Reliable Technical Support

    Experienced Technicians available to assist any time.

24/7 Reliable Technical Support

Experienced Technical Personal is ready to assist anytime, XERA POS Technical Team stands strong behind the product and we all understand how critical XERA POS is for your your operations.

Remote Support

Our trained technicians can access your system with a click of a button, that reduces time and fast almost immediate resolution to your problem.

Telephone Support

You can always call and we can walk you through to resolve the issue.

Onsite Support

You can request for onsite support, our Technician and can visit our establishment.

RMA Support

If a hardware fails and is under warranty, no worries call us and we will make the arrangements for you to return to manufacturer for repair.

Remote or Onsite Training

Our Technicians will not only assist you on issues with the system but also can train you on how to best utilize all features.

Customize your Support

We can do anything Technology related for you, you just need to ask and we will customize your plan, you need to see us as an extension of your business. Just ask and we are here to help!

Do you need Technical Assistance? We are ready to help!